Sunday, 13. May 2012

The IAT Clinic in Freeport, Bahamas has had success with mesothelioma patients using immune therapy. The Ruble family endorses IAT because they traveled to the clinic to investigate their approach.

When Lance was given just a few months to live, following the traditional approaches to mesothelioma, his children, Erica and Michael flew over to the Bahamas. They did not want anyone at the clinic know they were coming because they did not want anything to be “staged.” Doctors in the States had warned that the IAT Clinic was quackery and just taking people’s money. However, Erica and Michael found just the opposite. The clinic had real doctors and medical professionals trying to help people. It also had a large population of mesothelioma patients who really supported each other. Even though mesothelioma is a rare cancer when compared to other types, at IAT mesothelioma patients were a large part of their population. However, the most compelling evidence supporting IAT’s approach to mesothelioma, was when Erica and Michael met mesotheliomapatients who were ALIVE and doing WELL. They met a 9 year and 7 year survivor among other mesothelioma patients. Lance’s children were so moved by the mesothelioma patients that they videotaped 3 of the patients in hopes to show their dad the video and convince him to go to IAT. He saw the video but passed away a month later.

The mesothelioma scientific community refuses to recognize IAT as a valuable institution for mesothelioma patients. The Ruble family strongly disagrees with them. In fact, they challenge those in the scientific community to set aside their individual agendas and come together with other disciplines to really figure out how to help those with mesothelioma. The average life expectancy for mesothelioma is 6-12 months. Until the scientific community can help people live longer than 6 months, we all should be looking to other therapies to understand what may help this horrible disease. The mesothelioma scientific community has no right to disregard IAT when they themselves have no scientific advancements on how to cure mesothelioma.

Patients should seek out all treatment options for mesothelioma including IAT. Mesothelioma patients have a right to know about this clinic and should be given the option to seek such treatment.

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